sunnuntai 1. maaliskuuta 2015


I'm going to stop posting to this blog atleast for now, since I haven't found recently any inspiration to keep this going. The good news is that I made a new art blog, for which I will hopefully update more often. I felt like having a whole new beginning, so update your bookmarks to:!

keskiviikko 5. marraskuuta 2014

Last of Autumn

Since the snow is on the ground, I think we can surely say that it's winter. I have been feeling a bit empty inside since Halloween was over because I like waiting for fun stuff. Now I guess I could start waiting for Christmas, but my feelings for it are quite complicated. I like the time before Christmas, the lights, the snacks and the parties. Christmas itself has always been such a stressful and complicated day for me, so I don't really look forward to it. 

I decided to upload these photos from months ago because I still have lingering Autumn feelings. My favourite season is over and my least-favourite season is here. It's good to take a one last look of the leaves and the berries before entering the season of snow. 

These photos were taken at my grandmother's birthday party. I wore a kind of conservative outfit because of the occasion, but my sassy grandmother said that I look like a Sunday school student. Well, the day was Sunday so I think the outfit was a perfect fit.

maanantai 27. lokakuuta 2014

Little Halloween

My favourite holiday is without any doubt Halloween. That's why I decided to have a Halloween party last weekend. This year I decided to not to make such a complicated costume but focus instead on to the decorations. I made the decorations for the whole week and planned some fun activities.

The scary woman was in the bathroom, staring straight at people.

Mikko was dressed as a scary mime clown.

Simple bats on the living room wall.

I had some fake web which I put around the house.

Mikko made this awesome piece of art from tape because bathroom needed to be decorated too!

We ordered the wigs from Ebay for another party but didn't use them in the end. The face is made with liquid latex, face paint and four fake eye lashes. I made the jacket from an old shirt.

The highlight of the evening was a hand-made pinata which was full of candy and a small present for my friend who had a birthday. I'm never going to have a party again without a pinata!

The party was kind of casual with some Halloween music and lots of drinking games. I'm glad that lots of guests came even though the weather was awful and everybody wore costumes! We had a fun time, even thought at times I was afraid that our neighbors would get angry because of the noise...

maanantai 6. lokakuuta 2014

Monday Misery

I was supposed to do a post about seven hairstyles I had last week but somehow I only had photos taken of two days so it didn't work out well. Maybe I should do a hairstyle per week and show them at the end of the month.
I've had such Monday feeling today and it feels like nothing I've done works out the way I wanted. Now I have decided to curl up under a blanket and wait for Tuesday to come, because the bright side about Monday is that it's only once a week. Tomorrow I'll pick up all the work I didn't get done today and be twice as productive!

sunnuntai 28. syyskuuta 2014

Snazzy Classy

Here are some quick photos we took the other day. It was very windy but since I really wanted some photos of my outfit, we took them at the back of our house which wasn't really that exceptional photo shoot place. 
I wore another blouse- grey cardigan combination, but since the blouse has such a lovely collar, I think it makes the outfit a bit more classy. I love outfits which balance between casual and snazzy, and are on top of that really comfortable!

torstai 25. syyskuuta 2014

Autumn Colours

I was meaning to do a lovely autumn post but since it was snowing yesterday while taking these photos, I guess it's officially winter now. I thought I could survive a bit longer wearing a leather jacket but nope, it's just too cold. Good thing my new winter jacket from Asos arrived last week. I wanted a bright coloured jacket since the thought of a black jacket in the dark cold winter seemed just depressing. My new jacket isn't really that bright coloured but I fell in love with the kind of weird leather details and the shade of red called oxblood.

I also found a fine pair of jeans from the second hand store. I've been searching forever for these kind of light shade jeans with rips. These are a bit like the famous boyfriend jeans but I think they should be a one size bigger to fall into that category.
 I've also been wearing a lot of grey sweaters and blouses. Maybe I should do a post on which I show all my grey sweaters but it kind of scares me to think how many I actually own... But I guess if a person lives in Finland where the winter comes in September she must have something soft and grey to put against the weather.

perjantai 29. elokuuta 2014

First Tattoo

Last week I finally did what I've been thinking of doing for a long time- I took a tattoo! I boldly went to a local tattoo place and did it. It was my birthday present for myself since I turned twenty-two this Monday. I of course drew the tattoo myself so that it really feels like my own. I had wanted a feather to my wrist for a long time and I wanted it to be a bit ruffled and imperfect. I first drew the picture by hand and then changed it a bit with Photoshop. I think it turned out to be perfectly like what I had imagined! Next I'd like to have a geometrical feather for my another wrist.

I also got the cutest little kitty necklace from my boyfriend.